Hello Network Marketer!

Helloo there, network marketers!

I presume that you’re more than just an ordinary network marketer…

I presume that you’re really a modernĀ  ‘post-dotcom bubble’ network marketer who understands and leverages on the power of the internet to build your business.

Is there really such a thing as an internet network marketer? Well, heck, it’s just a name.

Call a rose by any name, to me it’s just a rose :-)

So, let’s define an internet network marketer as any of the following:

  • Someone who works on a pure internet-based opportunity such as GDI and eLifeInspire; OR
  • Someone who is running a traditional MLM and harnesses the power of the Internet to help them build their business

In this blog, my job is to share insights and tips with you to help you do a better job!

As I accumulated my experience through hard knocks, be aware that I’ll be sharing stuff that works (or do not work) and not just from the text book…

… So, stay tuned!

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